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Wingman II EP (Red)

Wingman II EP (Red)

Code No.:GA029EPXM-RED
Brand:The Wings Maker
Status:Out of Stock
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Tags:Balsa-Wood Electric-Motor Trainer Hybrid

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The Wingman II is a slightly smaller and lighter version of The World Models Sky Raider Mach II that is designed for electric or glow power. A hatch on top of the fuselage makes changing the propulsion battery extremely easy. The hatch also makes accessing the tank easy for glow setups. With a very light wing loading, this plane really performs. The electric power package is compatible with motors that are NMPRA EF1 legal and the motors bolt right on for nearly 100mph performance if desired. Use lower pitch props and get unlimited vertical and aerobatic performance.

The electric power package (w/o motor) is included with the GA029EPXM electric version.

The engine power package (engine mount, tank, etc) is included with the GA029GP glow version.


Wing Span 50 in / 1270 mm
Wing Area 484 sq in / 31.2 sq dm
Flying Weight 3.5 lbs / 1600 g
Fuselage Length 44.5 in / 1130 mm
Radio Required 450W motor system, 4-channel radio w/ 3 standard servos, 40A brushless ESC with 11x8E proepller, 4 cells 14.8V 3200 mAh Li-Po battery & charger


Glow Engine (GP) or Electric Motor (EP) convertible design.
Next step after the Wingman I
Low wing aerobatic trainer
Fully symmetrical airfoil
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Stable but maneuverable characteristics
Tail dragger landing gear
Available in three color schemes
Electric power package (w/o motor) included

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