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Accessories Box (Assorted)

Accessories Box (Assorted)

Code No.:PB2000618
Brand:The World Models
Status:In Stock
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Metric size screws for repairs and replacement.

Contents :
1 pc Drill Bit 1.7 mm
1 pc Drill Bit 1.9 mm

12pcs Washer D14.5 x D4.2 x 1mm (HW133401W)
16 pcs Washer D12 x D3.2 x 0.9mm (HW133301W)
20 pcs Washer D7 x D3.0 x 0.5mm (HW1333300W)
z20 pcs Washer D5 x D2 x 0.5mm (HW133200W)

12pcs Machine Screws PM2 x 16mm (HW110216S)
12 pcs Machine Screws PM2 x 25mm (HW110225S)
6 pcs Machine Screws PM3 x 22mm (HW110322S)

4 pcs Blind Nut M3 - 0.5mm (HW130300S)
4 pcs Blind Nut M4 - 0.7mm ( M4 x 15) (HW130415S)

15 pcs Self Tapping Screw with Shoulder PWA2.3 x 8 mm (HW101238S)
15 pcs Self Tapping Screw with Shoulder PWA2 x 12mm (HW101212S)
15 pcs Self Tapping Screw with Shoulder PWA 2.3 x 12 mm (HW101231S)
15 pcs Self Tapping Screw PWA 2.6 x 12 mm (HW101261S)
12 pcs Self Tapping Screw PA3 x 14 mm (HW100314S)

8 pcs Hex. Nut M4 (HW132040S)
10 pcs Hex Nut M3 (HW132030S)
12 pcs Hex Nut M2 (HW132020S)

6 pcs Nylon Insert Lock Nut M3 (HW142030S)

20 pcs Set Screw M3 x 3 mm (HW131003S) 

20 pcs Silicon Grommets D6.5 x D1.5 x 1mm (PL1265035)

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