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Futaba T4PV Two R314SB Receivers Combo 4-channel 2.4GHz T/S-FHSS Radio System

Futaba T4PV Two R314SB Receivers Combo 4-channel 2.4GHz T/S-FHSS Radio System

Code No.:FUN4PV1F24
Status:In Stock
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Two R314SB Receivers Included!


The brand new 4PV is debut with attractive features.

Futaba always measures up to dedicated fan's needs. 4PV strikes the best balance between features and operability. The greatest charm is the elaborate layouf ot LCD and multi function switch. Of course telemetry function is available. 

You can confirm various state at once by using optional sensors. Various data can be confirmed at drivers stand. This advantage leads your victory. 4PV can display many telemetry data such as a voltage of the receiver battery, an external power supply, temperature of a cylinder or motor case and RPM of a motor, which racing drivers would like to check and control always, in real-time. and you can check these data from the drivers stand.

System Overview
- T-FHSS 2.4GHz Telemetry system
- Telemetry read-aloud function (via earphone socket)
- S.BUS2 technology
- Receiver voltage display function (as standard)
- External voltage display (optional sensor)
- Temperature display (optional sensor)
- Rotation speed display (optional sensor)
- Gyro sensitivity adjustment function
- Graphic LCD panel with backlighting
- LED monitor
- Ackerman adjustment with steering mixing
- Front and rear wheel independent brake mixing (including delay with ABS function)
- 4WS Four wheel steering mixing
- Dual ESC mixing
- Neutral brake function
- Variable trigger position mechanism (7mm)
- 40 Model memories
- Up to 10 Character model names
- MC link function (MC960CR / 940CR / MC950CR / MC851C / MC850C / MC602C / corresponding to the MC601C / MC402CR / MC401CR, can be recorded for each model memory)
- ABS Anti-skid brake system
- Idle-up
- Throttle speed adjustment
- Throttle cut adjustment
- Throttle Acceleration
- Throttle EXP
- Throttle ATL
- Mechanical ATL
- Servo neutral select function (5: 5/7: 3)
- Steering EXP
- Steering speed
- D/R Dual rates
- EPA function (All channels)
- Sub trim (All channels)
- Program MIX
- Function select dial/switch
- Digital trims
- F/S Failsafe (All channels)
- Battery F/S (2 Channels)
- Timer (up/down/lap: record up to a maximum of 100 laps)
- Adjustable angle antenna (90°)

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