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Futaba T6K (Mode 2) w/R3006SB Receiver 6-channel 2.4GHz T/S/FHSS Radio System

Futaba T6K (Mode 2) w/R3006SB Receiver 6-channel 2.4GHz T/S/FHSS Radio System

Code No.:FUN6K2F24
Status:Out of Stock
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This is a Mode 2 transmitter with throttle stick on the left-hand side. Click here for Mode 1.


The Futaba 6K has T-FHSS AIR telemetry system. It is a high-performance radio that it has not only Airplane and Helicopter mode but also Multicopter and glider mode. The 6K has a text-to-speech function from audio output connector. So you can make sure of telemetry data safely without take your eyes off from your flying body. It is also equipped with vibrator function to inform you such as voltage drop. The 6K also supports Futaba S-FHSS system receiver. So you can also use R2006GS. *S-FHSS system does not support telemetry function.

System Overview
- S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable
- Telemetry system (T-FHSS) with data speech function for monitoring receiver battery voltage, external voltage, temperature, RPM, altitude and variometer
- Built-in antenna
- S.Bus/S.Bus2 servo setting functions programmable through the transmitter
- Preset vibration alarms
- 30 model memory
- 8-character model/user naming
- Programmable mixes for airplanes, helicopters, gliders and multi-rotors
- Digital trims with variable step settings
- Adjustable stick length and tension
- Changeable switch/VR position and AUX channel function
- Throttle position warning
- Backlit 128x64 DOT LCD screen with adjustable display contrast
- Software updateable through the CIU-2
- Screen Lock
- Earphone/S.Bus/Trainer jacks
- Assignable switches (three 3-position, one 2-position)
- Range Check
- Program navigation bay with jog dial, +/- pads and end pad
- Data reset
- Model copy
- Selectable model type
- Fail Safe
- End Points
- Trim/Trim Resets/Trim Steps
- Sub Trim
- Servo Reversing
- Parameter functions
- Servo monitor/Test
- Wireless model data transfer
- Timer-System and Model (Up/Down)
- Trainer system

Airplane Features
- Wing Type (5-wing, 2-tail)
- Throttle Cut
- Dual Rate/Expo
- Throttle Curve
- Idle down
- Gyro
- Aileron differential
- V-Tail
- Camber
- Air Brake
- Elevator-to-Flap mixing
- Flap-to-Elevator mixing
- Elevon mixing

Glider Features
- Wing Type (5-Wing, 2-Tail)
- Condition select
- Dual Rate/Expo
- Motor switch
- Gyro
- Aileron Differential
- V-tail
- Butterfly mixing
- Trim mixing
- Elevator-to-Camber mixing
- Camber mixing
- Aileron-to-Camber mixing

Helicopter Features
- Swash type (6)
- Condition Select
- Throttle Cut
- Dual Rate/Expo
- Trim Offset
- Delay
- Gyro mixing
- Swash AFR
- Swash mixing
- Throttle Curve (5-point)
- Pitch Curve (5-point)
- Pitch-to-Rudder mixing
- Throttle Hold
- Hovering throttle
- Hovering pitch

Multicopter Features
- Flight Mode
- Center alarm
- Dual Rate/Expo
- Throttle Curve
- Throttle Delay
- Gyro

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