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Code No. : A178
Wing Span : 54 in / 1370 mm
Wing Area : 556 sq in / 35.9 sq dm
Flying Weight : 5 lb / 2200 g
Fuselage Length : 47.5 in / 1210 mm
Engine Required:2-stroke 0.40 - 0.46
Radio Required:4-channel radio w/ 4 standard servos
Features Photo Covering Manual/Review


   Next step after the Mach I

   Low wing aerobatic trainer

   Fully symmetrical airfoil

   Premium hand iron-on covering film

   Stable but maneuverable characteristics

   Comes with all hardware and accessories

   Tail dragger landing gear

   Available in red and green color scheme

   Club 40 ( is the racing community in US racing Sky Raider Mach IIs and LA Racers.

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